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Adorable April Snow comes to us in the classroom today. We get a real nice look as she shows up in a tiny top and small cut-off jean shorts.

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(When I was a kid, I would sometimes hide money or candy somewhere in my room, as a present for my future self to happen upon later.) You know how fresh apricots sometimes have a bit of a rosy blush? My first decant of Cozé came my way by mistake—I had wanted Cadjmere. Cozé is a warm, spicy patchouli (spicy like capsaicin, but also black pepper) that kind of hits you on the back of the tongue and reminds me of that pleasantly rough texture.

My original sample of Chaos met a sad fate: evaporation through hoarding.

I first tried Sacrebleu because of Luca Turin’s haunting comparison of it to European railway lights, “lights the size of a teacup nestled between the rails, shining the deepest mystical blue-purple light.” This description didn’t quite prepare me for the Juicy Fruit accord in Sacrebleu.

Regardless, I love this jasmine floriental in fall; its gum-and-clove-cigarettes vibe rather reminds me of high school, but with more elegance.

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